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The Little Book of Rainforest Animal Sounds

The Little Book of Rainforest Animal Sounds

Andrea Pinnington
Fine Feather Press Ltd
ISBN: 9781908489395

You may never have stepped into the depths of a rainforest but you may be able to imagine its sights and sounds. The Little Book of Rainforest Animal Sounds brings those sounds to life; the tuneful twittering of a bird-of-paradise, the throaty call of the jaguar and the honking sound of the Tokay geek. This is a unique board book, designed to enable a young audience to enjoy the sounds of the jungle, and a wonderful way to explore the wonders of the planet.

Twelve incredible rainforest creatures are featured in this book: Godlie's bird-of-paradise, indri, boto, jaguar, musical wren, tokay geco, tree hyrax, keel-billed toucan, siamang, large frogmouth, common coqui and the red howler monkey with a quality recording of the sounds they make.

Once the reader is familiar with the sounds of these extraordinary animals, they can explore the fascinating animal facts and photographs. Each animal is presented on a double page spread with its latin name and a general description. Descriptions include information about habitats, behaviours, locations, diets, offspring, differences between male and female and average size. There is also a fascinating fact about each animal.

Did you know that a boto is a freshwater mammal, sometimes called a pink river dolphin? It makes a clicking chirruping sound which is used for navigation. The tree hyrax might look like a guinea-pig but its cracking, screaming cry is a haunting sound within the rainforest. It can only be found in undisturbed terrains, due to loss of habit and the impact of hunting. A more familiar sound in the jungle canopy is that of the red howler monkey. It spends its day resting and digesting its diet of leaves, fruit and flowers. It is assumed that the call of the howler monkey is territorial, warning other troops to stay away. All this information and more can be found in the The Little Book of Rainforest Animal Sounds.

With this wonderful guide, you'll be able to play the animal sounds again and again until they can be learnt and animals can be matched to their sounds alone. Photographs feature the animals chirping, twittering and growling in their leafy habitats. If you were to step foot into the rainforest with its dense vegetation and tropical humidity, you might be able to easily identify its inhabitants with the help of this book. This is the perfect devise for transporting you to an incredibly beautiful and diverse environment, in order to experience its sights and sounds. Although this book is suitable and robust enough for younger children, it will be loved by older children and adults alike, appealing to all ages.

26 pages / Ages 4-adult / Reviewed by Emily Beale, librarian


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