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The Bookworm

The Bookworm

Debi Gliori
Bloomsbury Childrens Books
ISBN: 9781408893036

What a treat to find a new picture book by Debi Gliori, and The Bookworm really is a treat, bringing as it does Gliori's masterful touch with relationships, childhood desires and the unexpected - and not forgetting her gorgeous illustrations with lots of humorous touches!

In the story, Max wants a pet but as ever, his parents are worried about which one he will choose. Puppies chew, parrots are noisy and sharks? Well, they just have too many teeth. Max would love a dragon - but they don't exist. Max tries out any number of bugs instead and eventually settles for a worm. Here, the reader sees the rather gorgeous underground home the little worm is taken from, and this could generate discussions among the children around moving house, or getting a new pet - could the pet miss its old home?

Once Max has his pet worm home and settled in to its new surroundings, he is surprised by its preference for chilli crisps - and is that smoke it is blowing out? Before long, Max is questioning exactly what his new pet is!

This is a really lovely story about a boy bonding with his new pet - and the surprises that come along the way. Children could be encouraged to talk about the pets they have, and for older children to write about living with a different kind of pet, something more unusual and mythical than everyday, but still thinking about what their pet would need to eat, its habitat and habits.

This is a beautiful story that makes a great read-aloud with a group of children, as well as a lovely book to read alone and to pour over the detail in the illustrations.

Picture book / Ages 4+ / Reviewed by Ellen Green


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Meet the Author

THE BOOKWORM by DEBBIE GLIORI is a gorgeous treat of a story about a boy, Max, and his search for the perfect pet. When Max finds a baby worm that seems to be 'just right', little does he know what the worm will grow up into...

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