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Jamie Littler
ISBN: 9780241355220

Somehow or other Ash always manages to feel like an outcast. He just doesn't seem to fit anywhere or with anyone. Since the disappearance of his parents he has been passed from house to house until he is thrust upon Tobu - a lone Yeti. Tobu endures this burden by drilling Ash in his ways of survival: hard work, repetition and control. Ash must learn to control himself, to focus, to learn discipline and above all to never sing. You see, Ash is a Song Weaver, he hears the songs of the Leviathans and desperately wants to speak in their song but this rare trait is seen as a threat by others. In a daring act of defiance and in his continuing quest to find his parents, Ash blags his way on board The Frostheart. What follows is a nail-biting adventure where Ash and the crew face their worst fears and Ash learns that friendship comes in many guises.

This fast-paced adventure book will have you sledging your way through the frozen landscapes, dodging danger and meeting your fears. Its characters are intriguing and Jamie's superb illustrations and storytelling weave together seamlessly to bring the whole story to life through a magical tale that leaves the reader wanting to know just what will happen next.

Aimed at readers aged 9+, this story offers themes of friendship, loneliness, accepting difference, trust, team work and hope. It eloquently demonstrates the use of short sentences to build suspense, the use of imagery through description and development of characters through action and speech.

448 pages / Ages 9+ / Reviewed by Donna Burkert, teacher


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