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Beast Feast

Beast Feast

Emma Yarlett
Walker Books Ltd
ISBN: 9781406386639

Beats Feast is the brilliant story about a Beast and 'Dinner', aka a little boy. When the beast finds his 'Dinner' he sends out a letter to all his beast friends, inviting them to the Beast Feast! As each beast replies, the boy teaches him something new to make the recipe for 'Dinner' even better. As the story evolves so does their friendship and they end up having the best Beast Feast ever.

The story is filled with humour and the illustrations are brilliant, vibrant and eye catching to the younger eye. The different styles of writing from the Beast, to 'Dinner', to the beast's letters are great and easily accessible for children.

The letters that you can open inside are fantastic and tailored to each beast according to their appearance and personality. It reminds me a lot of a 'Jolly Postman' style books with children being able to be interactive with the book. The attention to detail in this book is fantastic, even the inside of the cover is full of recipes with quirks and twists which makes it come alive.

The book lends itself brilliantly to get the children to create their own beasts and write their own letters to the Beast accepting his invitation. This could also be used as a great PSHE story about friendship and accepting differences.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and cannot wait to use it with my class or as an end of day story!

27 pages / Ages 7+ / Reviewed by Lauren Maidman, teacher


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