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Meet the Twitches Meet the Twitches
Hayley Scott

Publisher: Usborne Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 9781474928120
Published: 02/08/2018
Price: £5.99

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Meet the Twitches is a beautifully-presented story that follows a child as she leaves her old home in the city for a country cottage. She is given a gift, a dolls house in the shape of a teapot, with a family of bunny 'Twitches' who live there. The Twitches, the reader discovers, come to life when humans are not about.... A well paced story, with plenty of space for the text and plenty of colourful images to encourage young readers.

Meet the Twitches, four tiny rabbits who live inside a Teacup House. They belong to a girl called Stevie and she loves playing with them. But guess what? These toy rabbits have a secret. They come alive when Stevie isn't looking! Open up the Teacup House - and meet four little rabbit heroes with big ideas!

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Meet the Twitches is a lovely story book that would be a pleasure to share with any young story enthusiast. Its delightful plot unfolds revealing a family of four tiny, magical, toy rabbits; The Twitches.

The Twitches live inside a Teacup House; a special gift that is given to a young girl called Stevie when she leaves her home in the city, to move to a cottage in the countryside. Sad to be leaving her home and her friends behind, Stevie is understandable thrilled with this gift and is excited about setting up home for her new family of toy rabbits. What Stevie doesn't know is that her rabbits are really rather special and when no one is looking they come to life, ready for their own adventures!

When Stevie finally arrives at her new home, she is so tired and sad that she doesn't notice as she drops one of the rabbits in the garden of her new house. The biggest of the rabbits, a rabbit called Gabriel, tumbles out of the little bag and into the overgrown garden. Once Stevie realises, she and her Mum frantically search for Gabriel Twitch. Meanwhile, the rest of the Twitch family are also preparing a daring search. Will Stevie find the magical toy before one of the removal men step on him? How will Daddy Gabriel get back to his family? Who will help rescue him?

This is a fabulous story ideal for sharing with any young animal-loving thrill seeker. As the rabbits get stuck in giant sticky webs and parachute off tables, it's a great tale of adventure, family and friendship.

I really enjoyed this story, particularly the courage of the young girl rabbit, Silver, it's just a little sad that I read it on my own as I think it would reach an entirely new level shared with a young reader. Colourful illustrations throughout the story help bring this magical tale to life, I will most definitely be recommending this series to parents and teachers of young readers.

128 pages / Ages 5+ / Reviewed by Sam Phillips, teacher.
Sam Phillips

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Meet the Twitches

Hayley Scott

Meet the Twitches

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